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자사는 천연 대리석 판재 문양가공 및 앤틱가공을 하는 특허 신기술을 보유한 업체입니다. (주)히스핸드는 독자적인 기술개발로 1996년 특허 제 098627호를 획득하였으며 기존 가공 기술로 표현하기 어려운 섬세한 부분은 물론 대량생산으로 인한 원가 절감을 실현하여 21세기 건축물 고급화에 이바지하여 소비자에게 보다 격조 높은 실내외 인테리어를 창조할 수 있는 웰빙시대에 가장 적합한 천연 대리석 판재 문양을 가공하는 획기적 기술의 원조입니다. 자사가 최초 개발한 또 하나의 제품명(앤틱) 가공기술은

기존 대리석에 기스가 나거나 광택이 사라진 현실적 쓸모없는 폐자제를 재활용 할 수 있도록 개발한 NMC공법을 적용하여 새로운 느낌의 대리석 판재로 탄생시킨 세계최초의 기술이라 자부합니다. 이제 (주)히스핸드의 기술을 적용시킨 웰빙시대에 적응하는 제품안전성 건축문화 발전에 앞장선 축전된 기술의 원조인 자사에게 맡겨주신다면 소비자가 원하는 어떠한 제품도 원하는 만족감과 납기일까지 정확하게 준수하여 드리겠습니다. 이제 (주)히스핸드와 함께 품격있는 공간을 연출해 보십시오. 감사합니다.

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A world first technology in processing marble finishes... Serving customer's needs highly with our specific technology...

"HISHAND MARBLE CO LTD", a Korean manufacturer of natural marble stone surface finishes, is a specialist of processing not only antique marble with mass production available but also various designs and patterns on the marble surface with any pictures or letters by intaglio or relief treatment.

HISHAND MARBLE has a new patent technology (Patent No. 098627) which is called N.M.C process (Nontoxic, Melting, and Coating skill), and its core technology is melting the marble surface by nontoxic chemicals. This world unique skill of ours is totally different from the existed acid skill which is able to be damaged and dangerous in human body.

HISHAND MARBLE is also very proud of this world new technology which is able to recycle useless marble stones such as your scratched stock marble, or unpolished stock marble to new antique marble products with new filling on its marble surface along customers order made.

HISHAND delivers customer value by improving performance and product quality and by reducing producing costs in a broad range of products and services.

Our mission is to be a contributor of changing the existed marble finishes process with mass production with environmental friendly and workers safe. We continuously strive to offer highest quality products and services at competitive price with value, and to meet the needs of our customers in a highly responsive manner.

We work with our customers in strong and long-lasting relationships built on trust and focused around mutual interest in quality, productivity, and profitability.

It is a way of doing business that gets results by providing value. Our customers’ satisfaction is based on the gains we make together, as is our continuing success as a business. Thank you.